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OUTTAKES Cult Classic Comedy-Signed + POSTER  
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YOU HAVE FOUND IT! This is the famous underground comedy film "OUTTAKES," that almost every Frat House in the country has been watching for years! If you liked "Groove Tube" and "Kentucky Fried Movie," you'll go ape for "OUTTAKES." This was FORREST TUCKER's very last movie appearance... OUTTAKES spoofs everything from horror movies, to talk shows, commercials, news, drugs & some things simply unspeakable! This special DIRECTOR'S CUT is also SIGNED in ORIGINAL SILVER INK by the Director/Producer himself! A great collector's item, a must for any frat house or anyone with a love for Cult Films and a verrrry warped sense of humor! Gene Siskel (who is spoofed in the film) said it was simply "too gross and in such bad taste," he refused to review it when it premiered in Chicago 15 years ago. This movie was released by SONY/COLUMBIA PICTURES and could be found in every BlockBuster in the country, but only after the studio "cleaned" it up for it's R rating! Now, that we have the rights back, the director has added some of his lost footage back into it and the new master looks great...as raunchy and irreverent as ever when the nice folks at the MPAA tried to give it an NC-17 rating. The "Killer Santa" is back, the famous "Tampon Commercial" is in there as well as naked "Symphony."

WARNING: This motion picture will insult, gross out & offend everyone who watches it, so, if you buy it, ENJOY IT & LIGHTEN UP! Variety called it a "Funny Spoof" and the Houston Post said "OUTTAKES is hysterical, A REAL GEM, In the 'Groove Tube' tradition.. "For a short time only, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN ORIGINAL SIGNED RECORDING of the "OUTTAKES" Theme Song released by VANDOR RECORDS.. in mint condition. This is a great ORIGINAL COLLECTIBLE RECORD... FINALLY, you'll get an ORIGINAL collectible MOVIE POSTER from "OUTTAKES." This full-length VHS movie comes with our Certificate of Authenticity that guarantees the Director's Signature for life. We are members of the UACC (RD228) and Director's Guild of America...we also have over 700 pos ebay ratings, so please buy with confidence. "OUTTAKES" is guaranteed to make to you laugh!


  Package Includes
1 VHS Video, 1 Poster, Outtakes Theme Rec., Certificate of Authenticity
1985, Sony Pictures

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