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Jack Sell

Jack M. Sell has won hundreds of awards for his training programs, TV Spots, corporate sales videos and is a member in good standing with the Director’s Guild of America.

DGA Movie Director Jack Sell of Sell Commmunication.net, collecting props, autographs and other cinema treasures comes naturally.
When a set would break up in Hollywood, or a movie made a rare impact, Jack Sell of Sell Communications would be there, to get a prop or a piece of memorabilia for his collection. Today, 15 years later, Jack Sell, owner of Sell Communications is not only an avid collector but a renown and respected seller with UACC Registered Dealer credentials of authentic “ One of a Kind” must-haves of all varieties. Jack Sell & Sell Communications offer rare Props from Star Wars (Death Star! Costumes and more), autographs, props and collectibles from famous Movies, Television, Plays, Rare NASA, Moon Landing and astronauts, unique Historical documents and artifacts, antique toys, exceptional works of art—and a great deal more through Jack Sell’s eBay store “One Of A Kind.” Jack Sell also sells his original rare collections on Amazon.

Jack Sell of SellCommunications.net

Jack Sell of Sell Communications.net travels the world over, seeking rare, sought-after treasures his devoted collectors can’t live without—all authenticated with guaranteed Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) from the industry’s most reputable dealers and studios.

Check out Jack Sell of Sell Communications and his remarkable collection of treasures for sale to discriminating collectors at Jack Sell’s One of A Kind on Amazon and Ebay sites all over the world!

For more information about Jack and Adrianne Sell, please their official website at https://sellcommunications.net