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We have worked on every aspect of filmmaking. We have directed, produced marketed, distributed and raised funds for five feature films of our own-and worked on many more for others. Whether it’s an active production role or in a consultative capacity on movies, television, corporate communications or commercials, you can count on us to help you get your project on the road.

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Feature Film Production Services

DGA Director

DGA Assistant Director


Musical Score




Ad and PR Campaign


Director, Assistant Director, Associate Director for such projects as “The New Captain Kangaroo Show” (Fox Family Network), live Disney Conventions, “Second Noah” (ABC Television), Network  NEWS (NBC) Nickelodeon,  Suncoast  Children’s Theater and more.

Television Commercials

We have also directed and produced hundreds of slice-of-life TV spots, direct response videos and informercials. We think of Television Commercials as 30-second movies that work  to capture viewer attention and make your product stand out.


We have also developed a unique training specialty we call ENTER-TRAINING  ̶  an effective way to hold employees’ attention by combining story-telling with learning.  This new technique is used in training programs for sales, product introductions, employee orientation, mergers and culture changes, whether it’s a “James Bond” type video for Searle, a rock musical for Stouffers or a “60-Minutes” type news show for Dean Foods…they make an impact.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Image

President/CEO Messages

Annual Meetings


Web & Internet Video